At Kynningsrud’s premises in Halden over 100 people were invited to celebrate the recipients of the Cornerstone price, a special price for people particularly important to the companie’s development through the years . Until now it has only been awarded to six people. Pål Sanne Ivar Kynningsrud Generalt Managers of respectively Precast Foundations, divisions that have had major positive development. This is the first time the award is awarded to top executives.

These are Kynningsrud’s Corner Stones:

Knut Sahlberg (2009)
Ole Jørgen Norén (2009)
Kjell Finstad (2010)
Martin Olsen (2010)
Rino Humlekjær (2011)
Hans Carlsson (2011)
Ivar Kynningsrud (2013)
Pål Sanne (2013)