A9 Diagonale is situated between Dronning Eufemia Street and Operagata in Oslo. The entire project will include approximately 400 student apartments, 14,000 sqm offices and 4000 sqm business / restaurant premises at street level.

The whole is divided between two building bodies bound together by a common basement, that eventually will be attached to the basement of the A9 Deichmanske mail library. These two building bodies are two different projects with one client and one contractor each.

Challenging area

Kynningsrud Fundamentering’s works include 1,200 square meters of sheet piling, 7,000 m steel core piles and 2,000 meters lined pipes. Over 2,100 tonnes of steel and 230 tons of cement will be handled. Casings for the steel core piles will be drilled in an area with large residues from previous activity, such as old quays, bricks and building remainings, sawdust and other «left overs».

This will be extra demanding to both design and execution. The work will be led by Foreman Ronald Johnsen and Project Manager Fredrik Martinsen. Sheet piling work begins first week in November. The contract has an estimated value of NOK 28 million.