A new double track from Tønsberg to Oslo is being built, planned to be completed in 2024.

Foundations of culvert for double track

Kynningsrud Foundation has been commissioned to perform support walls and stiffeners for the majority of a culvert (concrete tunnel) along the new double track.

The culvert becomes 21 meters at its deepest, and therefore high demands are placed on both the supporting walls and the stiffening. Already in December 2019, Kynningsrud Foundation carried out tests in connection with the project (see picture).

Facts of the foundation project

Kynningsrud Foundation has been commissioned by Veidekke, which will supply both rock tunnel, loose mass tunnel and culvert for the development of the double track.

The value of the contract is around NOK 90 million for Kynningsrud Foundation’s part. The work with the culvert starts up in April.

The red line in the image marks the new path.